Searching for Cleaning Jobs

Searching for Cleaning Jobs

If you enjoy cleaning and making rooms look nice, finding a job in the cleaning industry could be good for you. Involving jobs from maintenance in a factory to cleaning homes and offices, cleaning jobs can be both rewarding and profitable. These types of jobs require you to have a keen eye for detail and an almost obsessive need to clean everything. No degree is needed to get a cleaning job, but having experience with different chemicals and products can help you find jobs easier. If you are looking to get into the field for the first time, looking for local cleaning companies and jobs with hotels would be a good place to start. Ask the following questions when searching for a job as a professional cleaner.

Is there experience required for this cleaning job?

The cleaning industry is probably the easiest to get in to without any experience. IF you keep a clean house, chances are you have what it takes. Look in the wanted ads and contact local companies to get your foot in the door. Before long your experience will grow.

Is there special training provided by this cleaning company?

When working in factories and warehouses, the cleaning staff may need to come in contact with special chemicals to do their job. If this is the case, see if the job provides this training or if you need to complete the training before applying.

Does the job require CIMS certification?

CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) certification allows the employer to know that you have gone through comprehensive training and are ready to tackle the toughest of cleaning jobs while keeping high standards. Having this certification on your resume can also increase your chances of landing a job.

What type of cleaning will be required?

Before accepting the job, you need to make sure that you are comfortable with the type of cleaning the job requires. This can vary from building to building. Each client will need a different type of service.

How many hours a week do they offer and when?

Most cleaning jobs are going to be done in the night time, when businesses and offices are closed. This usually means that a lot of work is crammed into a few hours. Most cleaning jobs are5 to 6 days a week, ranging from 35 to 40 hours a week. This can vary, however, with the company you work for.

Do I need my own cleaning equipment?

If you are hired by a local cleaning company, the chances are high that you will need to have your own tools and supplies. If so, find out what type of cleaning you will be doing and purchase the necessary equipment. This is usually the case, also, when hired as an independent contractor.

Is the pay based on hour or by job?

It's common in the cleaning industry to get paid by the job instead of by the hour. This is usually done to promote faster workers. For example, cleaning one room in a house might be 30 dollars while the while house might be 100. Determine this before accepting the job.

What kind of advancement opportunities are available?

In the cleaning industry, there are usually ways to move up the ladder quickly due to the high turnover ratio of employees. While this is bad for the company, it's good for the employees who stick with it because it can quickly lead to management positions and more money.