Disability Myths

Disability Myths

The word disability encompasses various conditions and physical limitations. A disability may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental, or any combination of these. Thousands of people live with disabilities every day. Whether they were born with it or their disability was due to a life event that came later in life. Living with disabilities doesn't mean you can't live a fulfilling and normal life that an able-bodied person can.

1) You can't have independence.

Many people think that just because you have a disability means you can't live an independent life. That is false. There are thousands of disabled people who live independently. Due to physical limitations such as blindness or lack of motor coordination a person with a disability may not be able to operate a motor vehicle. There are many physically disabled people who take the bus every day. To and from work. To make trips to the grocery store or doctor's appointments. Taking the bus may not be as convenient as driving a car, but as a physically disabled person, you just have to work extra hard at anything you do that an able-bodied person may take for granted. Most things don't come easy to physically disabled people. It may not be easy but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

2) Disabled People Don't Work

Another myth that people may have about people with disabilities is that they don't work and just live off of government benefits. This is definitely false. Naturally, there are some physically demanding jobs that people with disabilities are just not capable of doing. There are many jobs out there in various industries that are done by people with disabilities. In fact, there are many non-profit organizations out there whose purpose is to help disabled people find and retain gainful employment. These non-profit organizations employ employment specialists whose job is to find employment for people with disabilities. An employment specialist will assess, match, and train applicants to fill and perform a wide variety of jobs. These employment specialists may work as job coaches who will train and help the disabled person during the first couple of weeks at their new job. Another job function of the employment specialist is to work with an employer to create a customized job that is specifically tailored to someone with a disability. 

3) A Disabled Life Has No Rewards

Whether someone has a mental disability, a physical disability, or any disability for that matter that doesn't mean they can't live a full and rewarding life. People with disabilities may have an extra hurdled that needs to be jumped, but that doesn't mean they can't finish the race.