Seeking Drug Rehab

Seeking Drug Rehab

Drug addiction not only destroys the lives of individuals, but entire families as well. For many people it’s easy to fall victim to drug addiction, but pulling through drug addiction is much harder. Drug addiction is a lifelong struggle, but you don’t have to face it alone. Drug rehab centers can help you get clean and put you on the right path, so you can live a life of clarity and well-being. The top three drug rehab centers in the United States are often regarded as The St. Joseph Institute, Pioneer Center North and Ripple Recovery Ranch -- all have proven track records in helping people end their drug addictions and recover. If you are seeking drug rehabilitation, here are some questions you should ask.

How is drug addiction treated?

Drug addiction can be treated in two basic ways: medication and behavioral therapy. Medications can be used to reduce drug cravings as you detox. However, some can cause new addictions, though with a lower risk of overdose. Use of these medications is controlled and monitored. Behavioral therapy is often used in combination to motivate individuals to recover, as well as cope with cravings and prevent relapse. Trained professional will provide personalized treatment for you.

What are some medications used to treat drug addiction?

To treat opioid addictions, methadone and naltrexone can be taken. Buprenorphine can also treat opioid addictions as well as addiction to heroin. Nicotine addictions can be treated with the usual patches, gums and nasal sprays.

What addictions can medications not treat?

Currently there are no medications to treat addictions for illicit stimulants such as cocaine. Cocaine addiction must be treated with behavioral therapy, and patients are forced to deal with not only cravings but withdrawal symptoms too. However, cocaine withdrawal can be treated with antidepressants to treat anxiety and depression.

Where are the top drug rehab centers?

There are a number of high quality rehab centers all over the country. The St. Joseph Institute for Addiction in Pennsylvania has been providing superior treatment for drug addiction. Their facility has a 93.7% satisfaction rating for their 30 day program. Pioneer Center North in Washington provides behavioral therapy, medication, and teaches valuable living skills, nutrition, meditation and anger management. Ripple Recovery Ranch in Texas provides individualized treatment plans and holistic practices in order to overcome addiction.

Is this rehab center accredited and licensed?

A rehab center accredited by the state and run by licensed professionals will ensure the best results possible. Addiction specialists can make sure you are getting the proper care and can create an individualized recovery program for you.

Is there 12-month aftercare?

After rehab, the most difficult step in recovering from drug addiction is avoiding relapse, since drug addiction is a lifelong struggle. After your rehab treatment, 12-month aftercare support at places like Ripple Recovery Ranch will better ensure you don’t relapse after your rehab visit, as you recover from drug addiction. Follow-up therapy may also prove usueful.

What is this facility's success rate?

Obviously when you attend rehab, you are expecting some kind of results. While the success of recovery is partially dependent on your willingness to kick your addiction, plenty of responsibility is on the rehab center itself. Provided they are not shady, rehab centers should provide some kind of statistics on their rate of success. A facility with a high success rate will not only improve your chances of recovery, but will give you greater confidence going in.

How long will rehab take?

There is no set time for drug rehabilitation. Recovery from drug addiction can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days, and sometimes even longer. Often the longer the program, the higher the success rate will be, but that’s not always the case.