Looking for a Locksmith

Looking for a Locksmith

When looking for a locksmith, you want to get the most reliable and trusted locksmith you can find -- especially when you need services fast. Finding a locksmith you can trust with the keys to your property is easier with some quick-yet-careful research. Sometimes, that means checking reviews on Yelp; with more time, you can ask about complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. Locksmiths are available at all hours of the day and night to help people who've been locked out of their homes and their cars. You may also need locksmiths to redo the locks on your home or business. To find a good locksmith you can trust, consult the questions and answers listed below for great tips and more information.

What does this locksmith specialize in?

A good locksmith offers many different services, but some locksmiths may specialize in certain types of keys or locks. Some may focus on repairing or replacing keys, while others may be more ideal for installing new locks or creating custom locks that are more difficult to break into. Always ask about specializations when searching for a locksmith.

Where can I get a locksmith I can trust?

To find a locksmith you can trust, ask your friends if they've used one and what their experiences have been. Look at places online like Angie's List and Yelp for reliability and trustworthiness. Also look for a business that has been around a while and has a record of great service and is trusted by the neighborhood.

Does this locksmith take payment before or after the job is done?

Be wary of locksmiths who demand payment just for showing up on your doorstep. A reputable locksmith will only ask for payment once he or she has successfully completed your job. To protect yourself from scams or shoddy work, always clarify ahead of time that payment won't be expected until after the job has been finished to your satisfaction.

Is this locksmith a locally based company?

Choosing a local locksmith is all about service and accountability, which is why many people prefer to stick with local family owned locksmith companies. That's not to say you should avoid using national locksmith providers; all locksmiths are required to have the same licenses and insurance coverages in order to do business. If using local business is a big factor for you, though, then ask about this when finding a locksmith.

Does this locksmith give 24-hour roadside assistance?

Most people need roadside assistance at some point, and oftentimes these emergencies tend to happen far from home or late at night. While most locksmiths will need to sleep as well as you will, some locksmiths offer 24-hour roadside assistance to get you back into your car. A good tip is to research and find a few locksmiths that offer around-the-clock assistance, and then keep their contact information in your wallet or pocketbook for emergency situations but not in your glove box.

Is this locksmith certified?

There is no standardized accreditation for locksmiths. However, there are national locksmith organizations that grant membership only to qualified candidates. The Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) has a Proficiency Registration Program (PRP) that awards these official titles only to successful candidates. A rating of CRL-Certified Registered Locksmith, then CPL- Certified Professional Locksmith, and finally, CML-Certified Master Locksmith is earned by candidates passing a rigorous 31-facet locksmithing test  Look for these legal titles and letters in the name or ask to see the certificates themselves if unsure.

Should you take your vehicle to the a dealership or locksmith?

If you have a problem with the locking mechanism in your vehicle and take it to the dealership, the chances are high that the dealer will then call in a trained locksmith to do the work. Auto locks and mechanisms have become increasingly complicated as cars grow in expense and security becomes more important. This is why calling in a professional locksmith the first time to do this complicated work is so important. You should also have your keys duplicated by a professional locksmith and keep your originals safe and unused to save them for future duplication if needed.