Shopping For Patio Furniture

Shopping For Patio Furniture

A good set of patio furniture can instantly transform your deck or patio into the warm-weather social hub of your home. Enjoy picnic-style dinners with the family using patio chair and table sets, or spend a lazy afternoon soaking up the sun with patio lounge and deck chairs. The right outdoor furniture pieces can transform your barbecue into a kitchen, or your poolside space into your outdoor bar. Get more from your home by knowing what to look for when shopping for patio furniture.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is available in numerous styles to match all kinds of outdoor living spaces. However, what people can do with their outdoor living spaces is at least limited by size and budget constraints. That's why it's vital for people to take measurements of their outdoor spaces prior to shopping for furniture. More than just measuring the dimensions of deck and patio space, shoppers should also measure the various places where they're considering placing outdoor furniture. Taking these measurements ahead of time can help you visualize your completed deck or patio and make better decisions when buying furniture. Most importantly, you order something that needs to be sent back.

In addition, people must be aware of cost as they're shopping for outdoor furniture. Some patio furniture sets can cost nearly as much as indoor furniture sets, while other affordable patio sets may be too low quality to attract attention. People can often save money on outdoor patio furniture if they're willing to be open-minded about construction materials. While wood and wrought iron furniture usually looks the best, higher-end plastic chairs and tables are often difficult to distinguish next to more finely built patio furniture. On the other hand, shoppers who are on tight budgets can still find patio furniture options to make their outdoor spaces more social and inviting.

Styles of Patio Furniture

What do you want from your deck or patio? Choosing the right styles of patio furniture can greatly enhance how you enjoy spending time outdoors at your home. People who want to relax on their decks can get lounge chairs our patio sofas, whereas grill masters can get patio tables and chairs along with outdoor cooking supply cabinets. In terms of functionality, there are few limits about what people can do to transform their decks and patios with outdoor furniture.

Patio chairs and sofas are two of the most popular types of outdoor seating. Most people opt to buy chairs when buying patio furniture, as chairs can be used for lounging on the deck or eating meals at the patio table. Patio sofas can be purchased in single or sectional units complete with accessory tables and foot rests, and some look indistinguishable from modern indoor furniture. Sofas are great accompaniments to sets of patio chairs, and they're more ideal for those who enjoy relaxing for long periods. Don't underestimate chairs, though, if relaxation is your goal. You can always buy reclining patio chairs or chairs that come equipped with shade umbrellas. You can also buy various styles of lounge chairs, with some options suited for general relaxation and other models ideal for sitting alongside backyard pools.

Patio tables are also highly popular among people shopping for outdoor furniture. Tables can be purchased individually, although many people purchase their patio tables in sets with matching chairs. Most patio tables are made from plastic wood or iron, and many models are fitted with durably, scratch-resistant glass table tops that are also easily cleaned. Outdoor tables also usually have premade holes in the centers of their tabletops for erecting shade umbrellas. Cooking and supply cabinets are good alternatives for people who want more outdoor cooking space but not necessarily outdoor dining spaces. Our, you can create a full outdoor dining room and kitchen by getting a table set, outdoor bar and cooking cabinet to go along with your gas or charcoal grill.

Which Patio Furniture Materials Are Best?

Many pieces of patio furniture are only as good as the materials they're made from. That's why it's important to consider materials when shopping for your outdoor furniture. Most patio furniture materials are water resistant, meaning they can be outdoors for long periods of time without needing covers or storage. Outdoor furniture that isn't water resistant must be protected with tarps and covers. Shoppers who are buying pieces of outdoor furniture individually tend to look for furniture made from the same materials, while other shoppers buy pre-assembled furniture sets containing pieces made from the same materials and design concepts.

Plastic patio chairs are usually the cheapest chairs on the market. They're lightweight and durable, impervious to water damage and mostly resistant to long periods of sunlight. Many models of patio chairs can also be easily stacked or folded, allowing for easy storage and transportation. Wicker chairs are slightly more expensive, but their much-improved styling makes them popular among shoppers who care more about aesthetics than price. Similar to plastic, wicker chairs, tables and sofas can withstand all kinds of weather while being less expensive than wood or metal. Cushions may be needed for outdoor wicker seating to be as comfortable as it is stylish.

Wood and iron patio furniture are usually the most expensive options, but these options are also among the most stylish. Wood patio furniture has a classic look that can't be matched by plastic or wicker, while iron patio furniture is elegant and extremely durable. Most people adorn their wood and iron patio furniture with decorative cushions and blankets; also, furniture ordered in these materials can often be custom colored. Iron furniture is often better on patios that don't get much use, partially because iron requires less maintenance than wood. Patio furniture made from wood may need to be stored during the coldest, wettest times of year.