Shopping for a Mattress

Shopping for a Mattress

Are you on the market for a new mattress? If so, choosing the best top-rated mattress to provide years of restful sleeping is easier said than done. While most popular mattresses used to be innerspring models, memory foam and latex mattress are game-changers for consumers. While innerspring models offer comfort and durability for the lowest prices, latex and memory foam mattresses offer unparalleled support at prices that are constantly becoming more affordable. Carefully consider all of your options when choosing a new mattress for your bed.

Memory Foam and Latex Mattresses

There are many good reasons why memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses are such popular options for shoppers. However, what really separates these mattresses from innerspring models is how they uniformly conform to the shape of the body. No matter how you sleep, memory foam and latex mattresses compress without creating pressure points. When people get up, the mattresses decompress back to their original shape. The best memory foam mattresses will hold their form for many years, and the same can be said for the top latex mattresses.

Top-rated memory foam mattresses are generally perceived as more comfortable than the top-rated latex mattresses. Latex mattresses are more firm, but all-natural latex mattresses are attractive options for shoppers who are irritated by chemicals used in other types of mattresses. All-natural latex mattresses can be very expensive, which is why many latex models contain synthetic materials with small amounts of chemicals. Latex mattresses also tend to last longer than memory foam mattresses. A top-of-the-line latex mattress could last up to 30 years without losing any support, while memory foam mattresses usually don't last beyond the 20-year mark. Memory foam models are cheaper, though, making them more accessible for shoppers who face greater budgetary constraints.

Top-Rated Mattresses

Shopping for a top-rated mattress means knowing which current models are the best reviewed. Top-ranked models among latex mattresses include the Savvy Rest Organic Serenity, the Natura Eco-Brilliance and the Green Sleep Dolcezza mattress. If you're after a memory foam mattress, top-ranked options include the SilverRest Sleep Shop Therapeutic Mattress, the Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress and the LUCID by LinenSpa 10"" Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress. Top-rated innerspring mattresses include the Comfort Balance Ellington Plush Mattress, the Beautyrest Recharge Maddyn Luxury Firm Mattress and the Stearns & Foster Cora Luxury Plush Eurotop Mattress. You can find reviews on these mattresses on various Websites and consumer publications.

In addition to knowing which mattresses to look for, you should also keep in mind a mental checklist to help you make the right choice. Which size of mattress do you need, and what kind of material would you prefer? Memory foam mattresses and latex mattress models are all the rage these days, but many people can do fine (and save lots of money) with good innerspring mattresses. You can also consider buying mattresses through wholesaler retailers, which can also shave hundreds off the price. Perhaps you want an organic latex mattress with a smaller environmental footprint. Or, maybe you do need a memory foam or latex mattress to help prevent pressure points or joint pain that regularly keeps you up at night. All of these factors are worth considering when buying a new mattress.

Innerspring Mattresses

Of all the mainstream mattress options, innerspring mattresses are usually the most affordable. Innerspring mattress technology has been around for decades, meaning there has been lots of time for improvement, too. In terms of comfort, many innerspring mattresses come close to what you'd get with more expensive latex or memory foam mattresses. Also, innerspring mattresses come in all different sizes and styles. While latex and memory foam mattresses tend to have more standard levels of firmness, it's easier to find different innerspring mattress models that run the gamut from plush to extra firm. Shoppers can also invest in mattress toppers to provide innerspring models with some of the supportive benefits of latex or memory foam models.

Despite all the advancements of innerspring mattresses, durability remains the key downside. Most innerspring mattresses must be replaced after 10 years of use, which means they wear down significantly faster than memory foam or latex mattresses. People who suffer from chronic joint pain may wake up sore or stiff once their innerspring mattresses start losing their form. Also, people who are more prone to discomfort during the night may also not get the same quality of rest from innerspring models as they'd get from latex or memory foam options.

Mattress Shopping Tips

Choosing a new mattress can be fun and rewarding, especially when you get your mattress home for that first night of sleep. However, the process of buying a new mattress is easier if you keep a few things in mind. For starters, always compare mattress prices online regardless of what type of mattress you're getting. Also, don't forget to check wholesale retailers where you could find significantly cheaper mattress models that are just a year or two old. For more information about specific models of mattresses, Consumer Reports offers a wide range of reviews in exchange for a small monthly subscription fee. Be fully aware of warranty information before making your purchase, including knowing what happens should your mattress or box spring have any problems.

When shopping for mattresses, most people lay on mattresses for a few seconds to see whether they're comfortable. Don't do this. If you're seriously considering buying a certain model of mattress, lay on it for at least 15 minutes to give the mattress a chance to conform to your body. Only after a significant period of time can you truly understand how comfortable a mattress feels. You can also mix and match memory foam toppers with innerspring mattresses as a way to save money while still reaping the benefits of newer technology. You can also ask about which new mattresses are sold as sets along with new box springs, or whether mattresses are sold with pillow or bedding sets. Never go to a mattress store without prices from competing stores; you can possibly use that information to get yourself a much better price on a mattress, depending what you buy and where you shop.