Tractor Parts

Tractor Parts

For decades, farmers have relied on tractors to plow their lands and prepare their fields. Tractors are built to be tough and dependable; but what happens when the trusty old John Deere needs new parts? Finding parts for some tractors is as easy as going to your local farm equipment shop. Other tractors in use are very old, and finding replacement tractor parts for these vintage models might require casting a wider net. What's the best way to begin searching for the best tractor parts?

The first step is to identify the year and model of your tractor. Most of the time, your tractor's model number can be found etched somewhere near the tractor's motor or steering column. If you can't find the model number, look for the serial number instead. The Internet is a great resource for finding the year and model of your tractor if you're absolutely stumped. If all else fails, you can always contact your tractor's manufacturer and provide the serial number of your model. The manufacturer can often use that information to give you the information you need.

Once you know the model and year of your tractor, then you can contact your tractor's manufacturer to see whether replacement parts are directly available. In most cases, the manufacturer will have the parts you need, but don't open your wallet just yet. While finding an option for buying tractor parts is helpful, you may be able to save money through a third-party vendor. Many of these third-party companies have large, searchable Web sites, or they'll even take special orders for the parts you need. Also, large, product-driven sites such as eBay and even Amazon are great resources for finding all kinds of tractor parts. If you own a vintage tractor, numerous companies exclusively offer parts for aging farm equipment.

There's a sizable market out there for used tractor parts, and you can save lots of money by purchasing parts that are either used or restored. However, use caution when shopping for used parts. Know the condition of the part before making a purchase, and ask about the brand of the part to gauge its durability and longevity. If buying tractor parts on eBay, only do business with reputable sellers who have been positively rated by other users. Clarify who will pay for shipping ahead of time.

Once you've determined the age and model of your tractor, finding the correct replacement parts is easier than you'd think. However, finding parts for vintage tractors can be a little more difficult, and finding tractor parts for the best possible price is always somewhat challenging. Just remember to contact the manufacturer, find prices for new parts online and then compare those figures with the used parts market. The more you compare, the more likely you are to find the part you need at the most affordable price.