Privacy Policy

Collection of Information

Adhering to and accepting the provisions of this privacy policy is a requirement for people who wish to visit and use our site. Here you can learn about our policies on gathering information, as well as how we use aggragete information we collect. We do not collect personally identifiable information except for when the user is taking a specific action such as providing contact information or requesting services such as a product or a newsletter. No personal information is secretly taken from users. All information can only be taken with the user's expressed consent.

We do not use information from our users to track their movements on the Internet, and any user can request that their information be removed from our servers by following the instructions of our opt out provision below.


We use cookies to learn more about how users interact with our site, which helps us to improve our site's overall user experience. Cookies are small files placed by your Web browser onto the hard drive of your computer. Data from cookies presents us with aggragate information that can help us to optimize content displays, improve the functionality of our design and deliver broad, demographic data to advertisers and business partners. We do not use information from cookies to track users or draw more information from them.

Visitors to our site may set their Web browsers to reject cookies, but some features of our site may not work as intended unless cookies are enable. We are not responsible for how our site works when cookies are disabled in the browser.

Third Party Links

Our site may sometimes host advertisement and links posted here by outside entities including advertisers and business partners. These entities have their own privacy policies governing what they do with information gathered from their Web sites and landing pages.

Information to Third Parties

We do not disburse information from our users to third-party entities, regardless of whether they are advertisers or business partners. Our only exception to this policy occurs when giving your information is being done in accordance with the law, or at the request of legal authorities. We are obligated to work with the law to resolve legal matters and protect our users.

Our Security

We take Web security very seriously and protect our users with powerful anti virus and encryption software. Our goal is to allow our users to be safe and satisfied when using our site.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Changes to our privacy policy will be prominently displayed on this page.

Opting Out

Visitors and customers who opt out of services will no longer receive communications, services or products from us. We destroy all personally identifiable information from people who choose to opt out from our services. To opt out, please send us an email with "OPT OUT" in the subject line to